• Kennismaking Introduction

    Who are you? What makes you happy? What are your dreams? During our first conversation we start building on our relationship, we are interested in you as a person. What are your motives & ambitions? Whatever they may be, we'll give you an honest picture of what we can do for the rest of your career.

  • Jouw kennis & kunde Your knowledge & skills

    First of all, we would like to know if you are as enthusiastic as we are. In the second interview we will discuss your CV, your work experience, knowledge & skills in more detail. Let's see together if we can find that dream job for you!

  • Het maken van de Match Making the match

    Based on your needs we will look for a suitable vacancy. This could be within our existing network, but also outside of it. We do everything we can to find your perfect job. We do not only look at 'hard' criteria but also whether you fit within an organisation as a person and whether this fits your wishes.

  • Het sollicitatie gesprek The job interview

    Before you start an interview we will give you a training in application processes. We help you make things just a little bit more pleasant. We support you throughout the entire process and keep you informed of the progress. If you wish, we will also come along with you to the job interview.

  • Getting started!
    Getting started!

    A new job, a new challenge! We will give you a full contract and your new adventure will start soon. Of course the work doesn't stop here. This is where it all starts.

  • Ongoing development Ongoing development

    As long as you are employed by NLIST, we will help you to develop further. Think of training, career advice, coaching, etc.

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