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We help the right people get to the right places

We are an energetic recruitment agency for foreign technical professionals with specific expertise and proven experience. We are no-nonsense and results-oriented. And committed to both our clients and the professionals we deploy. Our focus is on engineering, maintenance, and IT.

Our passion for the profession drives us. Not only do we want to make sure the right people end up in the right place, but we also want to ensure they can work worry-free.

Working according to the best-fit principle

“No-nonsense” is not just a term we use. It’s how we actually operate. No empty promises. We work based on our best-fit principle. This means we use a selection process to ensure the candidate is the best person for the position. Thanks to this approach and our strong network, we almost always have a suitable employee to introduce to clients on short notice. After the proposal, you, as a client, have exclusivity for a specific period. This way, we prevent disappointment when an employee is in process with several clients.

People come here to live, not just to work

We work exclusively with people from abroad, especially in South Africa. Because of this, we know exactly what it takes to ensure that internationals don’t only come to work but they also come to build a life here with or without their families. That takes a lot of effort. So, to make things easier, here are just a few of the things that we help arrange for them:

  • Flight and transportation
  • Visa process
  • Housing
  • A Dutch bank account
  • A BSN number
  • (Health-) insurances
  • Dutch language classes
  • School/daycare
  • Social activities

This way, as an employee, you can work without worrying about anything else. And as the employer, you can get an enthusiastic, fully focused team member.