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Meet our team

Our team consists of professionals with years of experience in the recruitment industry. We are always ready to answer your questions.

Anne-Jan Geertsma

Managing partner 06-18139678

Daan Brinks

Managing consultant 06-51278584

Dennis Kuiper

Managing partner 06-51750324

Charlene de Preez

Junior Consultant 06-22484367

Eduann Potgieter

Managing consultant 06-45013313

Martijn Buitenhuis

Managing consultant 06-43125200

Stephanie van der Toorn – Faas

Managing consultant 06-10116505

Crystal Rosendahl

Relocation manager 06-23090938

Isabel Morgan

Relocation manager 06-22102454

Leonie de Vries

Relocation manager 06-45045761

Nicky van den Berg

Relocation manager 06-44831814

Crista Gonçalves

Backoffice medewerker 06-22399910

Sun Hollegien

Backoffice medewerker 06-44270773

Tamara Kroes

Backoffice medewerker 06-45700508